Recycler of Metal Waste

The raw materials for the production process are:

Fine Zinc Ash

Zinc skimming's from hot
galvanizing processes

Hard Zinc from the galvanizing

Zinc Anodes

Zinc Scrap from dismantling

Zinc Dross

Zinc Dust

Zinc Metal Powder

Untrated Zinc Skimming

Crude Zinc Skimming

Zamak Skimming

Brass Ash

Brass Dross

Copper Sludge

Copper Dross

Copper Ore

Copper Concentrate

Copper Flake Waste

Copper Dust Low

Tin Ash

Tin Solder Dross

Lead Ash & Dross

Spent Catalyst

Spent Catalyst 2

Spent Catalyst 3

Spent Catalyst 4

Spent Catalyst 5

Spent Catalyst 6